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Our Story

It all started with an idea. But doesn’t it always?

Richard Lorbach / FounderMy name is Richard (please don't call me Dick) and I'm the founder of Party Camo. I'm also the creator of a brand called Drink Wisconsinbly... maybe you've heard of it. I live in Wisconsin. I’ve always lived in Wisconsin. I'll die in Wisconsin, probably. Wisconsinites are the friendliest, funniest, drinkiest, and huntiest people you'll ever meet. Our accents aren't nearly as "Hey der" as you might think. And holy hell do we love our camouflage.

We wear our beloved camo to hunt, of course. But we also rock our camo at sporting events, birthday parties, baptisms, brunches, bingo, and fine art galleries. Just kidding—we don't go to fine art galleries.

Over the years I've owned my fair share of camouflage clothing—but nothing that I would ever describe as fun. And everybody loves fun. Everybody.

So in 2016 I put on my thinking cap and went to work. If people want to be seen wearing camo—it's time to give them camo they'll actually want to be seen in. Many beers and broken crayons later Party Camo was born.

Whether you enjoy spending your days & nights huddled in a frigid north woods deer camp or lounging on a sultry south shore beach—we’ve got you covered, literally. Party Camo is the first of its kind camouflage designed specifically for people who are "Always on the hunt" for a great time, a good game, a gorgeous girl, a manly man, a rowdy band, a tasty beverage, a hangover cure. OK, you get the idea.

Thanks muchly for your support. We have some great new products coming in 2018 so do stay tuned (sign up for our newsletter below). And if you ever have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy hunting!

Richard Lorbach

Richard Lorbach
Founder / CCO (Chief Crayon Operator)

Our mascot "Hunter" as a pup!